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BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!! [Aug. 20th, 2006|11:51 pm]
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[music |DA PUMP - Like This]

HIBACHI IS THE BEST STEAKHOUSE IN THE WORLD!!!! I went there for my birthday yesterday. It was a blast!! the food was great. The chef sang "happy birthday to me" (he was singing it to me but he sang "happy birthday to me" lol)ASURA AND SERIA omg you would have LOVED this chef and then the waitress brings out this big ass gong and the whole place sang "Happy Birthday" to me. For dinner I had Shrimp and Chicken for dessert I had Ocha (green tea) Ice Cream. The Ice cream was DELICIOUS my parents and my grandma looked at me weird XD My grandpa loved it lol when I thanked the chef for my food I said "arigatou" and he replied back in Japanese and my dad was like "what did he say??" lol I loved it ok yeah I'm a nerd but I can be one on my birthday!!!